About the blog

Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Lu and I am the voice behind the blog “Just Only Skin”. Such as the title proclaims this blog is focused on all cosmetic products relating to the skin.  Naturally, this blog will center it’s focus on skincare and will not be featuring point makeup or products that don’t relate to the world of skincare/enhancing one’s complexion. To me, this blog is a creative outlet to interact with other people of similar interests and put my endless fixation with cosmetics to good use. I hope to be able to share with you content that embodies the near outrageous amount of time I have spent online searching for ingredient lists and gawking at products in pretty packaging.

Quick Facts

  • My skin type is Dry prone to redness and yet I have a crazy oily nose! My concerns as of now are hydration, evening skin tone and prevention with lots of antioxidants!
  • I’m absolutely a huge foody! Reading Recipe blogs and restaurant reviews is a favorite hobby of mine.
  • I love to travel and am always interested in seeing new places (and discovering new brands ;))
  • I’m a total city dweller and prefer to stay inside over being outside. Regardless of time spent outside I always wear sunscreen!
  • I’m Canadian

A little history

I have been heavily interested in skincare for the past 3-4 years and am a textbook example of what a lurker is in the online community. Finally, I have made the decision that I want to interact with a community I have learned so much from and share my own experiences with others! To me, skincare is more than just a daily ritual, as it is an outlet for me to practice self care and expand my knowledge of an industry that has been a major influence in my life.

Ultimately, What started out as a way to improve my skin has evolved into major past time as I now find myself always searching for the next best product, lusting over the latest luxury beauty launches and reading research papers on ingredients. You could certainly say I am in my habitat when I walk into the cosmetic department whether it is in Holt Renfrew or Shoppers Drugmart ! Overall this blog is a catalog of my experiences with everything from luxury beauty, Asian beauty, drugstore, and cult finds for no matter its source I am always excited to discover new treasures to add to my skincare collection!

What to expect in my posts 

I should disclaim here that I am by no means a photographer. While I’ve been told I’m an artistic type and have a good eye for fashion and such. Photography is one of my weaker spots so bear with me if my pictures aren’t as appealing as what is already available. You’ll also notice that few if any of products I will be featuring will be in their pristine condition. This is because I devoutly believe products need to be lived before a full opinion can be developed. When I find the time I will try to take pictures of products in their new condition for editorial purposes, but rest assured I will never review a skincare item without thoroughly testing it! Exemptions to this would be complexion enhancing products(foundation, concealer, primer, etc), masks, and some cleansers. These do not require as long of periods of testing compared to something such as a serum or cream which take more time to see results.

Some posts I would like to feature beyond reviews would be personal editorials on my experiences and opinions on certain elements of the beauty industry, ingredients and of course the Dupe Scoop!  To me, the “Dupe Scoop” occurs when I find two or more products with very similar formulations. While this isn’t hard to do (just google search the ingredient list!) I get a strange satisfaction from uncovering products that genuinely have similar formulas and feel it would be appropriate to share my findings with you!

Finally as stated in my disclaimer you can expect all posts to be 100% my own opinion and I will never let out side forces influence my content/opinion! Overall, if you ever have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to drop me a comment or send an email my way!