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New Beginnings, First Words and most of all Welcome!


Just only skin blog

Hello! Firstly I’d like to introduce my self as Lu, nice to meet you! Secondly, I’d like to mention how difficult I find introduction posts. How does one define themselves and their blog within only a few sentences or paragraphs at most? This issue is only exacerbated by the fact that I have nothing to represent myself! This website is practically empty, fresh out of the can and free to go in any direction that I choose, for only time will reveal my true character and antics. As you can tell I’m prone to SEVERE over analyzation of anything and everything and foremost blame this quality of mine for procrastination into finally having Justonlyskin.com go live! But as all things in life, starting is half the battle and fact that I’ve written post shows I finally got my ducks in a row!

Ignoring the unnecessarily long and wordy introduction, I suppose the best way to summarize what I hope to accomplish is that this blog will be my outlet to share some of my love for skincare and cosmetic products!  I think a major inspiration behind this blog was the desire to see content I would like to read. Beyond sharing favorite products, reviews and empties; I want to be able to connect with the beauty community through the knowledge I have gained, A knowledge due to countless hours I have spent behind a screen staring at ingredients lists and looking at pretty promotional pictures for products! I want Just Only Skin to be a place where you can easily find an ingredient list for a product and feel like you have gained something from reading about my experience, opposed to just hearing a regurgitated marketing spiel! In a world filled with influencers and daily new beauty blogs, it is easy to understand why I(or any one else interested in beauty blogging) had so much hesitation about even starting anything at all. I’m well aware that I’m not reinventing the wheel here or offering a crazy new perspective but that doesn’t bug me! I know my passion for skincare and beauty is genuine and hopefully, this obsession translates into good content and not just me spamming you with product love/hate!

Overall this introduction was a wild ride start to finish. I feel like I’ve said a lot… and nothing at the same time! My goal is to publish some type of editorial weekly, but we all know how life can get in the way! Hopefully, in the oncoming weeks, my posts will speak for themselves opposed to me having to go through the sheer torture of writing something along the lines of this again! Till then my unnecessarily mysterious and short blogger alias is Lu, and If you want to learn more about the mess that is me and get a taste of what my posts will be about, then check out the About page!





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